Friday, September 11, 2015

Some more information on the biker shootings in Waco,

including some autopsy results.  Includes some other links, and to say some of it doesn't look good for the LE involved just might be an understatement.

Ah, Mexico: where the .gov won't protect you from the cartels and other open criminals, and damn sure does not want you to protect yourself.

The cops are openly admitting it was a racial attack, which is a step forward.

I've got a set of Caldwell electronic muffs I bought a few years ago*. They still work, but the pads on the ear cups were starting to crack. Badly.  So I dug around and found the web page for the company and asked "Do you have replacements, and if so how much?"

Message back, which included a picture: "Look like these? If so, we have them."

My response: "That's them."

Their response: "We'll send you a pair."

Came in yesterday, fit perfectly. Customer service, it's a wonderful thing.

*No, they're not as fast-acting as, say, Peltor.  They work.


Gerry N. said...

Customer service is not all dead. About 30 yrs. ago I bought a Weaver V-22 rifle scope from a clearance bin in the Northgate Penney's store in Seattle for $3. It was missing the rings and adjustment screw covers. I sent a letter to Weaver asking if they had them for sale. A week and a half later I got a small box in the mail containing a pair of adjustment screw covers and a set of rings along with an instruction sheet for the scope. There was an invoice included which listed the parts with the price, NC.

The Weaver V-22 is no longer made but on e-bay it seems to be in demand with usable ones priced and apparently selling in the $70 range and higher. IMHO it's about the best affordable .22 scope ever made.

Anonymous said...

So the cops are FINALLY gonna try and find the perpetrators of the beatings. Likely hadn't bothered just for the property damage. It too a near-death experience for two bothers to motivate the cops to get of their asses and find a bunch of animals.