Wednesday, August 19, 2015

One more reason to tell Jeb Bush to piss off.

Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush said Tuesday that the government should have broad surveillance powers of Americans and private technology firms should cooperate better with intelligence agencies to help combat "evildoers."
Yeah.  Because the NSA illegally recording, well, everything is no problem.  So we should shut up about it.  And companies should stop making it harder for the .gov to read our mail and such.  Because evildoers.

Also, us peasants wanting our southern border actually enforced are dumb.  And a fence is a silly idea.  Etc.

Wonder if dipshit realizes that, for a bunch of people, he's moving himself into 'evildoer' territory?

From the land of the EUnuchs,
“Brutal and ruthless” Muslim, and “violent” Roma gypsy gangs are terrorising the streets of dozens of major European cities, as they vie for control of lucrative black market trade.

Running drug rings and pimping prostitutes, as well as owning legitimate street businesses can be worth tens of millions of euros a year – and more – to the immigrant criminal gangs of Europe. Having influence over territory is key to making this business model work, and as well as fighting each other the vast ethnic gangs are also fighting themselves, as influential families compete.
Reports indicate that much of the infighting between the Roma gangs are over the ownership of women, while the Arabs are much more profit-motivated. Even in areas where gypsies have seized control of the prostitution rackets, they are still forced to pay protection money to the Muslims who rule the city, reports the Berliner Kurier. reports a theme often repeated in relation to these gangs, that they are ruthless, violent and exist entirely independently of national law. Running whole neighbourhoods of Germany’s largest cities, the Arab gangs operate their own parallel legal system, where the punishment for treason is death.
Mind you, from some bits & pieces I've read from places like Dearbornistan, parts of our country aren't far behind.

More wonders from our education system:
Altham describes the pressure under which the College Board places her to discard her teaching techniques and the deeply-held beliefs that animate them, or risk her students’ performance on the exam. Her critique extends to the new AP European History framework which, she says, presents religion as something to evolve away from, presenting a Thomist point of view as immature in comparison to a skeptical secularism.

Anderson provides a look inside the College Board’s training program for AP U.S. History teachers which, he says, exalts Howard Zinn’s Marxist take on American history and primes teachers to blame America for the problems of the world, while overlooking its influence for the good.
So they're pushing the views of a communist who hated the US and wanted to help destroy it.  Wonderful.

Yep.  Hillary handed a server full of classified and otherwise "You do NOT want other countries reading this stuff" data to a company with no clearance to handle such, and no security system of the type needed.  Friggin' wonderful.

If the company knew they were being handed a server with such hot data on it, rhat makes them complicit in the violations of a bunch of laws.  Or, say they're honest.  They're blue-dog Democrats, and when one of their heroes says "I want you to take care of my server, and do some things with it", they just accepted it as that.  Which would mean when they started hearing about possible classified data, etc., they must've gotten real nervous, and started wondering what the hell they'd gotten into.  If the EffingBI actually does their job(not a given), we'll find out which it is.

And I still wonder about something: the company, when they handed the server to the FBI, said it had been wiped 'after the data was migrated to another server'.  THAT should've resulted in a phone call, resulting in someone delivering a warrant saying "Give us THAT server, and any storage media connected to it, and we want to know who handled it, who had ANY access to it', and so on.  I'm wondering if that happened.

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The violence that is associated with black markets. Thank your lords for turning a self correcting moral problem into an imminent danger of random violence.