Sunday, August 16, 2015

Yes, it must be the RIGHT KIND of villain

and with these clowns that generally means 'white, male, preferably some flavor of Christian'.
We want wealthy white males with blond hair high-fiving each other as they torture some poor girl who was just trying to get an education. The Middle East is resplendent with these scenarios, but the guy usually has a funny hat on instead of Richie Rich hair. Here in America prison tops the rape charts, but that’s men on men, and men are gross. Firmly planted behind the prison-rape stats we have black-on-white rape clocking in at tens of thousands a year (unfortunately, the white-on-black rape stats are negligible). That sounds racist. Women were getting gang-raped en masse at spring break this year, but that was mostly blacks too so no thanks.
Much like that idiot writing for Rolling Stone looking for a rape somewhere(made-up was fine) at the right kind of campus(even if the rape never actually happened) involving the right kind of bad guy(white male frat members).

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