Monday, August 17, 2015

Rule: If, so you can feel virtuous about 'green energy', you have to screw the public

paying subsidies for your bird choppers, THEY'RE NOT WORTH HAVING.
Unfortunately, Danish electricity bills have been almost as dramatically affected as the Danish landscape. Thanks in part to the windfarm subsidies, Danes pay some of Europe's highest energy tariffs – on average, more than twice those in Britain. Under public pressure, Denmark's ruling Left Party is curbing the handouts to the wind industry.
Ignore everything else: if the damn things can't even come close to paying for themselves, they're not worth it.

"But if you exclude the piles of dead bodies, the National Socialists had some really good ideas!"
Yeah, and the Soviet Union got rid of the czar, so stop fixating on the gulags and death camps and such.

Many of our problems derive from black elites feeding off the guilt of compatriot white elites of a like class in a similar landscape, who claim to speak for all whites, as if they shared something when in fact they share nothing much at all. I suspect that more white males feel an affinity, a stronger one based on shared ideas, with Ben Carson than any affinity on the basis of race with Hillary Clinton or John Kerry.
Right on that.  Add in that a bunch of the clowns yelling 'RACISM!!' at every opportunity insult people like Carson as not being 'really black' and such because he doesn't have the Approved Views, and it just gets worse.

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