Monday, August 17, 2015

After all the crap(we know about so far), Hillary Clinton still gets special treatment,

and a Marine trying to save lives gets this.

Yeah, he screwed up; he immediately reported HIMSELF and made no excuses.  But unless the outcry is too loud, he'll get screwed.  While most of Congress and the EffingBI and DoJ play games to prevent Clinton and minions being held fully responsible for what they've done.

What you get when a country is taken over by gun bigots and hoplophobes and other progressive morons:
The question at issue asks, “Are there any legal self defence products that I can buy?” Succinctly epitomizing the sad state of natural rights in Great Britain, the first sentence states, “The only fully legal self defence product at the moment is a rape alarm.”
They do allow the commoners to buy something to mark their attacker with dye, but
The site is so concerned with the well-being of violent criminals, that in the context of dye sprays, it states,“be aware that even a seemingly safe product, deliberately aimed and sprayed in someone’s eyes, would become an offensive weapon because it would be used in a way that was intended to cause injury.”
So if someone is trying to beat you to death/slice you up/strangle you, and you accidentally spray them in the eyes while trying to mark them so the cops might later find your murderer, you're probably going to wind up in jail.  Assuming you survive the attack.

A thousand generations of English and Scots and every other bunch on those islands are screaming from their graves...

Another reason the EPA should be disbanded.  And some of the prosecuted.
At this point, considering some of the other crap they've done, it really wouldn't surprise me if they intended a small spill so they could start demanding Superfund status.  Which would let them shut down mining and whatever else they didn't like in the area.  But it got away from them.

Speaking with NPR over the weekend, McCarthy, in response to being asked about how the agency would respond to such a situation if a private company were at fault, said “we are holding ourselves to a higher standard than we would hold other responsible parties.”
McCarthy, you're a damned liar.

Haven't finished the piece yet, but interesting.  And I'm going to have to head to Youtube and check out Gunsmith Cats

And, just because,

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If you like "Gunsmith Cats", check out the anime that it evolved from, "Riding Bean" lots of fun gun and car stuff in it.