Friday, August 21, 2015

Borrowing from the words of Chief Deputy Mullen,

"This isn't just bullshit, Raylan; this is distilled, classic State Department bullshit, it's a whole 'nother bouquet."

We're supposed to believe State doesn't keep serial numbers, and track of issued equipment?  Especially, say, Blackberries issued to aides to the Secretary?  And they don't KNOW what happened to them?


This is friends of Hillary(in particular) and the Democrats(in general) hiding information- and stuff- and defying court orders.  People need to go to jail for this crap.

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Dan said...

I have no doubt that in theory the State Department keeps track of who is issued what. I also have no doubt they fuck that process up on a regular basis, lose
equipment and record serial numbers incorrectly, to the wrong person or not at all
on a routine basis. Whether or not the Blackberry's belonging to Shrillery's
accomplices were tracked according to normal protocol is something we cannot know.
Even if they were there's a chance that paperwork 'got lost', if it ever existed.
It's really irrelevant....enough evidence exists to lock up Cankles for years....
if the Just Us department was so inclined. Doubt it will happen. One...she's the
alleged wife of one of the most popular people to occupy the White House and two
she and slick Willie know too much about too many people. Taking her down would
cause an avalanche of closets to open and skeletons to dance in the light. She probably won't get the Dem nod to run for the White House now...but she's not going to least not unless the winner in 2016 is someone who doesn't 'play the game' and really does clean things up.