Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Snork... hehehehehe...

Prematurely sporting a stylized, straight-out-of-Leavenworth, shock-orange jumpsuit, and carrying the disgusted air of a woman who has just been told that the scullery maid has pilfered the most valuable candlestick, Hillary Clinton yesterday took to a Las Vegas gymnasium to indulge in some choice verbal acrobatics.
That part's funny; this is definitely not:
You will presumably have noticed the peculiarly asymmetrical phrasing of Clinton’s answer: “I did not send classified material and I did not receive any material that was marked or designated ‘classified.’” That’s deliberate. In order to have any chance at avoiding liability under 18 USC 1924, Clinton needs not only to have refrained from actively sending or copying e-mails that contained classified information, but also to have been blissfully unaware that she had been receiving them in the first instance.
...Far from representing a confident dismissal of the accusations, Clinton’s careful parsing is a sign that she’s holding on to a fig leaf.
Put bluntly: if the EffingBI doesn't go after this all the way, in every way, same as they would some staffer at an intelligence or military unit who mishandled data of this type, they completely flush their credibility as a LE agency.  I hope they really understand that.

More on this from Ace.


Steve said...

All the classified documents I remember reading from my 20+ years in the Air Force had each individual paragraph marked with a classification. Now granted, it may have changed since then, but somehow I don't think so.

So - she's lying.

J Bogan said...

What, Waco didn't forever destroy the Feral Bureau of Incineration's credibility as a Law Enforcement Agency?

J Bogan said...
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