Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Sen. Feinstein really is a nasty little Stalin wannabe

who hates the 1st as much as she does the 2nd Amendment.
But, no matter, Feinstein continues to insist that these publications are illegal and should be wiped from the internet. And, now, suddenly, she's afraid that net neutrality will block her from getting her wish of unconstitutionally banning books from the internet. Which makes her wrong on multiple levels.

Short version: she lied her ass off about 'no classified e-mails', she's still lying, and if someone other than a rich & connected politician had done this they'd probably be in a cell already.

"White feminists are sucking the air away from colored feminists, and they need to shut up.  Because their experiences are NOTHING compared to ours!"  Etc.
"We're bigger victims than you are!" is the argument that is supposed to trump all among social justice bullies.

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