Friday, May 29, 2015

I have no actual need for this,

but I still want one.  A borescope for ten bucks.

Son just got one of these for inspecting the cylinders of an engine, and says the image is very good.  And comes with a mirror so you can look at a right-angle to the camera.  7mm head, should fit in any .30-caliber or larger rifle bore.

Almost worth getting one just to see how it'd work in a gun bore


Arthur said...

That '30 cal+' limitation is one of the main reasons I don't have a lot of love for the .223. It's a lot easier to find something that'll fit down a .3" bore than a .22" one. Whether to look at the state of the rifling with a scope, or punch a stuck case or bullet out of the bore with a makeshift tool.

Oh, as an aside, those el cheapo borescopes also work well for finding leaky pipes or yellowjacket nests inside walls.

Terrapod said...

Bought 3 of these, gave 2 away to son and BIL. They work fine, pretty good resolution, not ultra fine, but good enough to see details in small dark places (my intended use was also to look inside engine cylinders and hidden connectors.