Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Neil Tyson is a scientist, and he spouts crap like this?

CHARLIE ROSE: And things like climate change.

TYSON: -on issues. And then you can know who is not telling the truth and who is, you can analyze it.

ROSE: Okay but my question is - are we, I mean do we have too many scientific deniers in our country or do we give too much prominence to those who want to look the other way on science?

TYSON: Yeah there are some of those. And dare I implicate some elements of journalism in this, because there’s your journalistic ethos - not to tell you what your ethos is - but as I understand it and it’s been told to me, the journalist’s obligation when writing a story is to give equal column space to all sides. Or half to one of each side. And if someone says the Earth is round and someone says the Earth is flat, at some point you’re going to make a judgement, “the Earth is flat” people, is just flat out wrong. I will not be giving them the attention. We’re wasting time and I’m not doing a service to, in my role of informing the public.
Got that?  Disagree with his pet belief and you're not just a 'warming denier', oh no, you're a 'SCIENCE DENIER'.
And journalists should not give the deniers any space for their argument, because that's like they're saying 'The earth is flat' and getting to spout it.

This asshat is just bloody wonderful, isn't he?

I've been reading one of Freeman Dysons' books.  Know what he thinks of this?
The models solve the equations of fluid dynamics, and they do a very good job of describing the fluid motions of the atmosphere and the oceans. They do a very poor job of describing the clouds, the dust, the chemistry and the biology of fields and farms and forests. They do not begin to describe the real world we live in .
Among other things.  Wonder if Tyson will call him a flat-earth people whose views shouldn't receive any air time?


Pawpaw said...

It's easy enough for the low-information voters to listen to this crap and believe it. Tyson is more a media celebrity these days than a scientist. He says whatever pays.

I remember several years ago, climate change was causing the drought in Texas. This week, climate change is causing the flooding in Texas. Gimme a break.

I remember Hurricane Audrey in late June, 1957. Texas was undergoing a horrid drought, one of the worst on record. Then Audrey blew in the last week of June. Dumped tons of rain on south Texas. Ended the drought, but that June was first the driest, then the wettest June on record.

Tyson needs to make up his mind. What causes climate change and what are the results?

KM said...

How do the current crop of climate breast-beaters explain the GRASS under the arctic permafrost?
There was a female "scientist" showing how a bunch of this veg matter is being exposed due to melting permafrost caused by, *gasp!*, man made warming.
This newly exposed and slightly decayed veg matter can be a huge source of methane which is a greenhouse gas.

Well Miss Science, how do you explain the fucking grass being there in the first place?? Alaska and northern Canada that have been covered with permafrost for the last umpteen years were once prairie.
It's almost as if the planet goes through "cycles" or something!

Dan said...

You led this particular entry with the erroneous descriptor 'scientist'.
Tyson is little more than the Planetarium Gift Shop Manager. As a grad
student he did the absolute minimum required, contributed nothing of any
real worth to astrophysics and was at best average in his academic career.

Since graduating he has done NO research, published NO peer reviewed work
and contributed NOTHING to science. His ONLY claim to fame is being the
director of the Hayden Planetarium, a job where he gets lots of face time
and schmoozes a lot of people in an attempt to drum up supporters to contribute
money. If he wasn't black he would be at most a footnote in the history of
academia. His nickname should be 'token'.