Friday, May 29, 2015

Doesn't this just give you ALL KINDS of confidence?

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is paying a Washington law firm $1,000 an hour in taxpayer money to perform a corporate audit, despite its claim of being severely underfunded.

The IRS’ $2.2 million contract with big-money firm Quinn Emanuel has sparked a Senate Finance Committee investigation, with the committee’s chairman saying that the IRS “appears to violate federal law.”
No problem, they'll just change the law to suit!
“Only weeks after retaining the law firm, the Treasury Department and IRS issued a temporary regulation, without a notice and comment period, allowing third party contractors to take compulsory, sworn testimony in connection with an IRS investigation,” Hatch wrote. “The new, temporary regulation would allow private contractors — in this case, litigation attorneys billing taxpayers over $1,000 an hour, according to the contract — to question a witness under oath and ask the witness to clarify objections or assertions of privilege. It would also give these attorneys access to confidential taxpayer information while raising questions over how well that information is then protected from further disclosure. The temporary regulation was issued as a ‘clarification,’ despite the fact that it is an unprecedented expansion of the role of outside contractors in the examination process, and one that violates the IRC provisions…”
Yeah, I get the kind of warm feeling from that that you'd feel as a anaconda went to work.

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