Sunday, May 24, 2015

You may have heard something about an officer in Cleveland

being found 'not guilty' in two deaths.  And why might people be upset by that?
...ruled that although Brelo did fire lethal shots at Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams other officers also fired fatal shots, so he could not find beyond a reasonable doubt that Brelo’s bullets — and no others — killed Williams and Russell. Police officers fired 137 rounds at the car, including 49 by Officer Brelo.
I haven't seen anything on what sidearms they carry, so let's say something 9mm with a 17-round magazine... reloaded at least twice, then.  And I dug around and found a news story from the time of this mess:
Brelo, according to his account, climbed onto the trunk and then the top of a zone car and reloaded his gun, firing rounds into the Malibu. An Iraq war veteran, Brelo said he saw "the suspects moving and I could not understand why they are still moving, shooting at us. Even through Iraq, I never fired my weapon. I never have been so afraid in my life."
Except they weren't 'shooting at us'; there was no gun in the car.

God, what a mess.

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