Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A variation on the very-light loads

I've read of some people getting very good results from the very light loads using pistol primers instead of rifle.  With regular loads that would be a big "NO!", but with these pressures are very low.  So, it needed trying.  All used 3.2 grains of Bullseye propellant, bullets seated to the same overall length as the previously-tried loads.

First in .303, with 160-grain spitzer
 100-grain wadcutter,
 100-grain semi-wadcutter
I think the vertical stringing of the SWC loads is on me.  All shot nice & tight, not strikingly more so than with rifle primers except for the wadcutters; those did group tighter.  Which could be I had a better day today, or actual improvement.

7.62x54r, with semi-wadcutter,
 160-grain spitzer
That one low-left with the SWC was a called flyer; good group otherwise.  It and the 160-grain spitzer not really better than rifle, but the wadcutter group is better.

.30-06 with 115-grain spitzer
 100-grain SWC
The SWC group is awful; either it doesn't like the pistol primer or I really screwed up.  So it ought to be tested again.  The wadcutter, on the other hand, is quite nice.

Indications are that all three rifles prefer the pistol primers with the wadcutter bullet; the others it's a toss-up.  One more variable: some stuff actually shot better in the .30-06 using a lighter charge, 3.0 of Bullseye, so ought to try that with the pistol primers as well.

At this point testing is really just tweaking things a bit to see if any improvement.  Both Unique and Bullseye make good light target/varmint loads with these light bullets.  And a little bit more propellant with a heavier bullet can be quite accurate with some rifles/bullets while giving more oomph on the target end.

This stuff is fun.

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