Sunday, January 04, 2015

Tab clearing

Some leftists have gotten the idea, too: just because someone is of a type you don't like, doesn't mean the .gov will tell the truth about what happened.

Yes, I know, the bitching about the Brown grand jury is idiotic; the piece is still a step forward.

“We’ve long worried about the government’s use of [Stingrays, which] masquerade as a legitimate cell phone tower, tricking phones nearby to connect to the device in order to track a phone’s location in real time,” the EFF wrote in a blog post today. “We’re not just worried about how invasive these devices can be, but also that the government has been less than forthright with judges about how and when they use IMSI catchers. This year, the public learned just how desperately law enforcement wanted to keep details about Stingrays secret. … The results are shocking.”
What?  Cops lying to judges and lying about what they're doing? 
No, I'm not surprised either.

Show this to your favorite windmill fetishist, and laugh like hell.
As Britain shivers under a blanket of snow and ice, it has emerged that offshore windfarms have been idling to prevent icing up – and drawing electricity off the national grid to do so. Critics have pointed out the “folly” of having windfarms idle in a cold snap, but industry experts insist that all forms of power generation involve some electrical input.

Just what the hell DID happen there?

Al Sisi is a brave man.  Considering what he's saying, I doubt he'll live long.

'Microaggressions' my ass, pull up your panties and deal with it.

Fighting a campus kangaroo court:
That’s good. But until you cost people jobs and reputations — that is, do the kind of damage to them that they’re perfectly happy meting out to others — you won’t bring this to a stop. You won’t see justice in this setting without a healthy measure of fear.

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