Sunday, January 04, 2015

Remember, Obama said Afghanistan

was 'the war we have to win'.
He's got a funny damn way of proving it.

A old piece from Michael Williamson on 'things some people think they know about the war'.  Which includes something that always must be kept in mind about the UN:
The Useless Nations objected to us going in because they knew we'd figure out they were on the take.

Then there was the corruption over the oil for food--seems everyone except the Iraqi people benefited, including Annan's relatives. Funny, that.

So a UN mandate is worthless. They're whores
And whoremongers.  And thieves.

Gee, I wonder why the media doesn't talk about this...
Or this.

And I'll believe all the 'war on women' clowns actually believe it when they're yelling louder about this than about the shirt a scientist wears.

Archeological find in Turkey; this could be interesting.

I'll close this with something the daughter sent me on the subject of allergies:
I worked in an upscale Mediterranean place in Baltimore. One night I got a two-top with a woman in her 40's and her younger son. I started talking her through the menu and describing options (standard server script) and finally started talking about our artisan pizzas. She immediately interjected with "NO I can't do pizza! I have an allergy." I obviously inquired as to the type of allergy and how serious it was, to which she responded, "I have a crunchy allergy."

Now, I don't usually lose face, but I'm almost certain I looked, at the very least, deeply perplexed, so she tried to clarify: "Anything crunchy I am allergic to." I assumed she meant she has sensitive teeth or something, but this was a nice place, so I was required to make allergies known on every ticket, which resulted in our executive chef screaming to see me every time I rang some plate of crunchless whatever.

At the end of the meal they order dessert which was a custard, but it had a crispy "tuille" or cracker in it so I warned her, to which she responded, "Crispy is fine, it's crunchy I'm allergic to."

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Anonymous said...

5000 year old city can't be "newly discovered". it shows evidence in all the pictures of recent human visitation. (trash, fire pits, and clothing on the ground). It may have been unknown to university archaeologists, but not unknown to the people who live around there. Typical university arrogance.