Tuesday, January 06, 2015

The other day Weasel Zippers published a racist group #blackbrunchs' manual

on how to screw with people. This angered the clowns,
Yeah, right.
They didn't, and the site was hit with a denial of service attack. 

They're back up, and have this on just what kind of morons we're dealing with.

Back when Occupy was turning into a caricature, guy I know was insisting I should like them because 'they're against the bailout' and a couple of other things.  I pointed out I had a problem marching with people carrying communist banners and 'kill capitalists' and so forth.  Oh no, he insisted, 'that's just a few people', until I posted some of the pictures and stories.  Same guy damn-near hates the tea party, because 'right-wingers'.  Pointed out that the big part of the movement is 'Government, get out of our lives', and that fits right into a lot he believes.  Fat chance; he WANTS the .gov completely controlling health care and the border open, because 'cares'.

There'll never be a meeting there; he'll yell with the other SJW types out 'Get your laws out of our uterus!' but he only means laws that DON'T take money from people to pay for other peoples' abortions and birth control.  His big problem is "If the .gov(run by the right people, of course) was just ENOUGH in our lives, all would be wonderful!"  And there's not a chance of me buying that crap.

One more reason why so many don't trust the cops anymore: if the friggin' federal government can't get them to report all shootings, what else might they be hiding?

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