Wednesday, January 07, 2015

The leftist definition of 'free speech':

anything that upsets or insults(who decides that?  Guess who?) or belittles someone somewhere someHOW is 'hate speech', and not covered.  Therefore should be banned.

They've got a link to the authors twitter page; International law has absolute authority, People have the freedom not to be insulted or defamed, etc.  Basically, 'The UN should control anything it decrees as 'hate speech', but don't worry, you still get to speak.'  I'd add 'For now'.

From her piece, I'll just give you four of her solutions:
  1. Speech which offends, insults, demeans, threatens, disrespects, discriminates against, and/or incites hatred or violence against a person or a group of people based on their race, gender, age, ethnicity, color, nationality, religion, sexual orientation or sexual activity, gender identity or gender expression, disability, language, language ability, ideology or opinion, social class, occupation, appearance (height, weight, hair color, etc.), mental capacity, and/or any other comparable distinction. In cases where hate speech is aggravated – such as incitement to genocide – prison sentences should be even longer.
  2. The spreading of misinformation, including climate change denial, denial of war crimes and genocides (especially Holocaust denial), conspiracy theories, anti-vaccine propaganda, and general nonsense.
  3. Anti-feminist, anti-multicultural, anti-immigration, and/or anti-equality ideology.
  4. Insulting, disrespectful, and/or offensive speech in general and speech that violates the dignity of people. This would include, for example, jokes about tragedies along with insults and derogatory/disrespectful comments about any person, group, place, or thing.
My, doesn't she have a laundry list of things to ban?
Ok, I have to throw in #7 as well(no, it's not the last one):
 Speech that opposes any human rights. This would mean that anyone saying that hate speech shouldn’t be against the law would be prosecuted, since hate speech is universally recognized as an injustice and a human rights violation. It would also include propaganda for war, which is illegal under international human rights law.

I leave commentary to you; this "I know what's best and should be allowed" wannabe tyrant is beyond my ability to properly deal with.  Maybe I can send this to Larry Correia and let him eviscerate it.


Jennifer said...

General nonsense? You mean like this proposal

KM said...

Fuck 'em.
Fuck 'em all!!

Titan Mk6B said...

Wow, just wow. I went and skimmed that piece of crap (Oops, pardon my hate speech) and I am mightily impressed. She got ALL of the liberal buzz words into one document including my new favorite one - microagressions

That woman is insane. Oops, hate speech again.

Titan Mk6B said...

That should be microaggressions.
Proofreading skills are lacking this morning.

Firehand said...

Makes you wonder: what would be defined(for now) as 'hate speech' vs. 'accurate definition she doesn't like'.