Friday, January 09, 2015

This isn't just "Why you're not Officer Friendly anymore", it's 'Why people hate your guts'

'Disgusting' doesn't even begin to cover this.  You've got one clown who shouldn't have been wearing a badge in the first place; you've got another who does NOTHING to improve the situation, but damn sure helps make it worse.

And the reaction from the union:
"How about this: Listen to police officers' commands. Listen to what we tell you, and just stop," he said. "I think that eliminates a lot of problems."

"I think the nation needs to realize that when we tell you to do something, do it," he added.
Well, Mr. Jeffrey Follmer, it's kind of difficult to 'do what we tell you' when the fucking moron with the badge jumps out and SHOOTS YOU WITHOUT SAYING ANYTHING.

Follmer, you're a nasty little bastard making excuses for murderers, and if you had any sense of honor or shame- well, no worries there, because you don't, do you?


Glen Filthie said...

No, he's not. 95% of these shootings start when a citizen refuses to obey a lawful order given by a policeman.

I am not a fan of the modern law officer...but I am sure as hell not a fan of the gaggles of libertarian f-knuckles that hate them on general principles. If you idiots want to fight with the law and do it in the street you deserve what you get. If there is a fight to be had with the cops, the place for it is the courtroom.

Firehand said...

Let's see... an officer fired from another department because of instability when dealing with firearms, shoots someone WITHOUT orders/commands/questions, and the union asshole says "Do what we say and you won't get hurt."

Yeah, that works well. Did he give the commands at some point after he shot the guy, and was not bothering with first-aid?