Thursday, January 08, 2015

What? The poles aren't melting?

They lied to me?!?
THE North and South Poles are “not melting”, according to a leading global warming expert. In fact, the poles are “much more stable” than climate scientists once predicted and could even be much thicker than previously thought. For years, scientists have suggested that both poles are melting at an alarming rate because of warming temperatures – dangerously raising the Earth’s sea levels while threatening the homes of Arctic and Antarctic animals.
But the uncertainty surrounding climate change and the polar ice caps reached a new level this month when research suggested the ice in the Antarctic is actually growing.
"Coasts are not about to drown: Women, Children and Mann hardest hit"

He does not word it nicely:
But it would still have done no good, those who oppose the right of the people to keep and bear arms, that is, the liars and apologists for tyranny protest, because gun ownership was not widespread among European Jews. True and that’s where the U.S. is different, and why we’re not going to let such weaklings and worm-tongues screw it up for the rest of us. Just look at what a handful of desperate but determined Jews with a pathetic collection of weapons managed to do in the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, and then extrapolate.

"If every Jewish and anti-Nazi family in Germany had owned a Mauser rifle and twenty rounds of ammunition AND THE WILL TO USE IT, Adolf Hitler would be a little-known footnote to the history of the Weimar Republic," Zelman once told citizen journalist, blogger, and Three Percent movement founder Mike Vanderboegh. That commitment and that will are sorely lacking in Jewish betrayers of the slogan “Never again,” false leaders and their idiot followers whom Zelman contemptuously referred to as “bagel brained.”

Brave JournalismThe kind we've come to expect.
And Donohue, you can kiss my ass.  Free speech includes offensive speech, like it or not, you bastard.

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