Thursday, January 01, 2015

Tab clearing

At this point, the question becomes 'Is he turning these people loose out of some idiotic principle, or is he a traitor?'

Secret trials; my, how soviet of them.

The hell they don't want to take our guns.

Oh my.
Now if he can convince them to add some habanero juice to the mustard...

Sen. Bob Casey is a lying son of a whore.

Yeah, when we keep seeing things like these, it really makes it hard to support the cops.  that they happen at all, and that the bastards get away with it.

The New Yorker: so full of crap I'd say they should be stood in the fields to fertilize the crops, except all the bile and hatred would probably poison them.

Environmental hysteria on display with their bullshit predictions.
You'll note the name Paul Ehrlich; started with "WE'LL STRIP THE PLANET WHILE WE STARVE!!!", and global cooling, and went on from there.

Congressman Andre Carson opens his mouth to yap about anyone elses' associations, stick this in his face.

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