Sunday, December 28, 2014

Hey, Mr. Professional Journalist:

You might remember that this here internet thing means when you act like a dick, people can hear about it.
...When I managed to satisfy his questions, I wanted to know why CNN, when releasing the headlines at issue, couldn’t call it a terrorist attack. Davis explained that they would never jump to a conclusion that anything is a terrorist attack. “Okay”, I said, fully understanding the weight that the word “terrorist” carries. “But by the time it was known that it was four Israelis and two Palestinians, it was known that there were meat cleavers and stabbings involved. Why couldn’t you call it an ‘attack’?” I continued. His response? “You’ve got to be kidding me? One word? Are you brain dead?”
The name of this genius is Richard Davis, a CNN exec(who displays a certain lack of manners) who apparently thinks words don't matter that much.  Unless they bother him, of course.

Some Australians are looking at the jerk who took hostages, and wondering why the hell he was in their country:
Now for the cover-up. Australians are entitled to know, but are highly unlikely to be told, who were the lawyers and officials who advocated that Man Haron Monis be allowed to live in Australia, and then granted citizenship, despite red flag after red flag that he was trouble.

Magistrates, lawyers and police prosecutors collectively decided that Monis, with a long history of harassing behaviour, with links to the brutal murder of his former wife, with charges for sexual assaults of multiple women, with a history of extreme political views, with convictions for writing threatening letters, and with an open record of support for jihad, was deemed no threat to society.
And people who push for answers will be called racist, or islamophobic, or mean, or whatever else the responsible parties can think of to throw at them.

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