Friday, January 02, 2015

I'm not quite sure how to word this

Maybe "Police afraid to ask for more tax money, so they want to revenue-raise for themselves with fees and fines?  Whatever could go wrong?"

Yes, it's Californicated; you think agencies in other states won't want to?  Bad ideas from that place spread like a social disease in a high school.


tsquared said...

They have been doing this in Georgia for years. If you get stopped for a moving violation, any fine levied a portion of that fine is earmarked to go to the state. If you go to court "to plead your case" you get an offer from the local DA that they will change the moving violation to a local ordinance violation and you still pay the fine but there are no points levied against your driving record and they can keep all of the money (provided non-dui or accident related).

Differ said...

I did the court plea for an alleged red light run (it was yellow). I didn't know the city (Holly Springs.....traffic ticket central) also has an inventive to agree to plead down to administrative violation....damn, no wonder their administrative center is so nice and their police have then shiny new kit.

Pawpaw said...

I've been a cop for a long time, and I don't believe that the police should be in the revenue-generation business. I bow to the fact that someone has to pay for police services, but don't think that generating fees is the way to go. (Nor quotas on tickets, but I'm not naive enough to believe that will go away.)