Saturday, January 03, 2015

Push and threaten anybody hard enough,

you'll get a reaction.
Feeling threatened by Hindu India, Communist China and Islam, Buddhists in south and southeast Asia are starting to develop a militancy of their own.

To borrow somewhat from Lawdog, Sweet bouncing Vishnu on a trampoline...  apparently wearing the 'wrong' kind of hat(or any at all) is a social problem requiring a whole bloody meme.  Which indicates to me that a lot of people use far too much of their time finding things to be outraged and dismissive about.

How'd I run into that?  Insty linked to this, which made mention of
It has reached the point where articles published in major journals talk about the the fedora phenomenon in the context of “the growing trend in feminists and other activists online that use shaming as an activist strategy”.
Which caused me to wonder 'what the hell?' and look up 'fedora phenomenon'.  Which led to this.

Yes, I wear a fedora(and a friggin' trilby is NOT the same thing, you SJW morons); I like the style, it keeps the sun out of my eyes and the rain off my glasses.  I wear it because I like the hat, not as some bloody social statement.  So screw you.

By the way, that post Insty linked to has an excellent description of that howling horror named Marcotte:
This would usually be the point where I state for the record that I believe very strongly that all women are human beings. Problem is, I’ve just conceived a sudden suspicion that one of them is actually a Vogon spy in a skin suit.

Said horror being the type of hateful bigot responsible for my having a label of 'Nutcase-level feminism'.


Anonymous said...

I wear baseball caps just to keep my skull from burning in the summer, but other than that I know nothing about hats.

Except one. I want a kolchak hat, but I'm not quite, I dunno, crotchety enough to wear one yet.

Firehand said...

Damn. I knew a lot of hats had gone way up, but damn

Anonymous said...

Crap, I didn't even look at the price, that was just one of the first links I saw that had a picture.

So, forget crotchety enough, I'd have trouble justifying that purchase even if they dropped the price 90%.

Is there straw shortage or something?

Firehand said...

When I started looking for a hat, the prices for good-quality ones was a shock. Know what a 20x or above Stetson or Resistol cowboy hat costs? It gets worse.

Took some looking to find a good-quality fur-felt hat that didn't cost a bloody fortune.

Firehand said...

And yeah, the 'brand name' straw hats get just as bad