Monday, December 29, 2014

Is there something about rap that destroys brain cells,

or is she just stupid?
Azealia Banks is ready to end her music career to take on a new mission – tracking down the descendants of slave traders and making them pay reparations.

The 23-year-old rapper revealed her new passion after posting an article about the DeWolf family, who traded slaves from 1769 through 1820.

“I wonder where the descendants of the ‘DeWolf’ family are today. they should all have their houses burned and their finances seized,” Azealia tweeted. “This generation of young black kids needs to make a CONCERTED effort to seek out living descendants of major slave trading families. They Owe us Money.”
Is she planning to track down the descendents of the Africans who raided for slaves to sell, or do they get a pass?

Occasionally HuffPo does have something worth reading, this is on Whole Payc- ah, Whole Foods.


Bob said...

She's just stupid. There's a reason that IQ tests, time after time, note intelligence differences among the races, with Ashkenazi Jews and Orientals having the highest average IQ, and sub-Saharan Africans (and their descendants) having the lowest.

Anonymous said...

She's named after a plant. With good reason. And even then they couldn't get the spelling correct.

Jess said...

She'll come down from the meth and sleep for a few days. After that, when she has some more, she'll take on a new goal, such as milking unicorns, while roller skating.

Anonymous said...

For centuries before Europeans started buying slaves, the biggest slavers in sub-Saharan Africa were the Zulus. The second biggest were Arabs from the region we now call Saudi Arabia.

Should someone tell her?

KM said...

That dumbass would probably think the Zulus were Saudis from the Westboro Baptist Church.

I suggest a counter-offer.
I'll pay cash money to any slave that was emancipated on 1-1-1863.
The shitbirds born after that date can fuck off.

markm said...

I can think of one easy way to identify the descendants of slave traders: look for blacks with Arabic names, e.g. Obama...