Friday, January 02, 2015

The ice is growing, why do you doubt globular warmering!?!"

No, not kidding.
Sea ice cover in the Antarctic is now at its highest level since records began.

Satellite images show 7.7 million square miles (20 million sq km) of ice surrounding the continent.

But rather than disproving global warming, scientists claim that this growth may in fact be caused by it.
EVERYTHING is caused by globular warmening.  Heat, cold, ice, rain, everything.


You know, these bigoted and racist idiots keep pushing, they just might cause that race war they keep screaming about; and they won't like the results.

And some of these idiots screaming about 'racism' is about as honest as Charles Rangel whining about tax evasion.

So let's all stay out of the People's Republic of Maryland.

I'll throw in, I've heard of several cases where people with Oklahoma and Texas tags were stopped on bullshit 'reason' to try to find firearms.  One Maryland Stasi troop flatly saying "You assholes from Texas always have a gun, where is it?"

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