Tuesday, December 30, 2014

"But don't worry, citizen, your personal information will be safe

in the hands of Mother State!"
In a pigs ass it will.
It's not just fairness that is at issue, it's also about privacy. I contend this is a double-whammy by the government, which always wants to control two things: your money and your life.

As local, state and the federal government get bigger and, consequently, more incompetent, they see the average citizen as more of a threat. There are two ways to control that threat: eliminate disposable income, which funds your personal freedom, including political activities. The other is to condition you into accepting a complete elimination of your personal privacy and allowing the government to know when and where you go at all times.

Wonder how many of those missiles went to 'vetted' rebel groups?  Smart Diplomacy!, consequences of.

"But the Holy Rulebook was followed, so leave us alone!" Much like "Yes, the officers raided the wrong address, and killed the family terrier and terrorized the family, but they followed Holy Procedure, so no action will be taken. So shut up and leave us alone."

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