Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Life called, and needs a chunk of the day

so bloggage will have to wait.

Time to throw in one thing, an opinion on that idiotic raid in Georgia that may have crippled that kid for life.  It includes
Because in serving a search warrant, even at a location you’ve scouted adequately, even at a location you’ve searched before, you never know with precision who or what will be behind the door when you make your entry.  I’ve been on hundreds of search warrants and been the author and planner of perhaps a hundred of my own warrants and tactical plans.  I have never been a proponent of no-knock entries for the simple reason that I want to be absolutely sure that the people in the home I wish to search know it is the police coming through the door and not a criminal.  The only exception to this I can envision is one in which an armed and dangerous fugitive is known to be in a certain residence that has been surveilled to such a degree that the number and ages of all the occupants are known at the time of entry.  Beyond that, I can’t make a case for a no-knock entry, for precisely the reason that occurred in Cornelia.

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Wholeheartedly agree.