Sunday, June 01, 2014

One more piece of "God, I hope I never have to use this" equipment

I now have a CAT tourniquet for the emergency kit.  And yes, I've been trying it out to get used to using it.

Helped a friend out at his table at the gun show today.  Decent show, but the number of people coming in was abysmal; not sure what the problem is, but I've NEVER been to a show with so few people coming in to browse and buy before.  Just guessing, but there's another promoter who seems to put one on every other weekend when possible.  Haven't been to those in months: they always have the same people with the same crap, and they're small.  I think he's screwing up the market.


Phelps said...


Or at least buy another and mark that one "training". Better to buy a blue trainer. They are only rated for one use, and tightening and releasing them over and over weakens them. When you finally put it on for real, it's going to be a LOT tighter than it ever was in "training" and it's not the time to pop a stitch.

(Yes you should be familiar with it absolutely. Applying it isn't a big deal, but winding is. I bought an extra of that and the izzys for that reason. It would have been funnier if this story was about decompression needles.)

Firehand said...

Snugged it with the stick once; rest was 'getting it on the limb'.

Yeah, getting another is on the list.