Monday, June 02, 2014

Well, that settles that on the feeding problem

Combination of bullets seated a little too far out and the differing feed-lip design.

I took two Chip McCormick magazines, one Kimber, and two ACT.  Added the remaining box of slightly-too-long cartridges and a new box of proper-length stuff, threw in the range and settled this.

The CM and Kimber fed from either box with no problem.  The ACT fed the proper-length without a hitch, but combine them with the overlength stuff and got the occasional FTF.  So it wasn't anything to do with the new frame.

So that's settled.  Now, having found a good extended thumb safety yesterday, I shall proceed to fit it(sweating the whole time to make sure I don't screw it up).

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Anonymous said...

I only run Wilson combat 8rd mags. Have used a couple Cm's just for range time but the Wilson's been in constant use for the last 9 yrs.