Friday, June 06, 2014

Well, Mr. Politician, how does it feel

to be treated like one of the commoners?
According to Shurtleff the police entered his home and his 17-year-old daughter was in the bathroom and was forced to exit the room at gun point. The investigating agency’s spokesperson Dwayne Baird said, “From what I understand, it was calm and peaceful at both places. There wasn’t any contention in the home.” That comment was not well received by Shurtleff who claims that, “either Dwayne was misinformed or lied to. There is nothing that justifies what happened in my home.”
Speaking on the behavior of the invading agents Shurtleff said,” These John Wayne wannabes, freakin’ Clint Eastwood Dirty Harry tactics were unneeded and unnecessary.” Shurtleff, do you think that these tactics are new? These happened thousands of time while you were in power yet you stood idly by allowing people’s rights to be violated. Now it’s your turn to get to feel the wrath of an unchecked law enforcement arm of the government.

A specops guy noticed some problems with the exchange; can you say 'ordered to bend over'?

Mr. Ciampa, I salute you; any idea how many people would LOVE the chance to say "No" to that man?

Considering his opinion of the troops and our history, would you want to meet the bastard?
Obama was caught on camera chewing gum while clapping during the welcome for Her Majesty the Queen. He kept chewing throughout the ceremonies, also managing to anger France.

Well, here's a thought Your Honor: throw some people in cells and keep them there; that might get their attention.

"You must not leave the nursing home, sir.  I don't care if it is the anniversary."
"Bugger that, you sod."

So it ate a ten-foot shark, immediately dived to 2000 feet, then crapped out the tag eight days later...
I do not think I want to meet it, except from a large boat or submarine.

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Toastrider said...

Regarding the shark... my money is on a killer whale. They routinely prey on great white sharks.