Thursday, December 04, 2014

The Fish & Wildlife Service made it official:

They wanted a place on the 'Agencies that are not to be trusted' list, right up there with the IRS and ATF and such:
A pro-hunting group is up in arms after obtaining emails that it says indicate that a federal official withheld critical data on lead blood levels in the California condor until after gun control advocates in the California state legislature used the iconic bird’s plight to help push through a law last year to ban lead ammunition.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation obtained the emails as part of a Freedom of Information Act request showing that John McCamman, California condor recovery coordinator for the Fish and Wildlife Service, did not make the report public until the bill was on its way to the desk of Gov. Jerry Brown. Mr. Brown signed the measure in October 2013.
We're back to my question: we're supposed to trust ANY of these people about ANYTHING why, again?

Mr. McCamman could not be reached for comment Tuesday, but Fish and Wildlife spokesman Scott Flaherty said that while the 18-page report, entitled “California Condor Recovery Program, Project Update and 2011 and 2012 Lead Exposure Report,” had been held back, “I’m pretty sure it was not delayed simply to withhold it from the debate.”
Such a denial!  Such a defense!  Such bullshit!

Speaking of bovine feces, Thirdpower found a fine example of the bigoted, lying, allergic-to-facts clowns we're supposed to 'compromise' with over a basic enumerated right.

Speaking of walking bovine feces, more from Josh Sugarmann
While the NRA portrays itself as protecting the ‘freedom’ of individual gun owners, it’s actually working to protect the freedom of the gun industry to manufacture and sell virtually any weapon or accessory.
I find it very telling that ‘freedom’ is in quotes.

Sugarmann has no respect for, and perhaps does not even recognize the existence of, individual freedom. If he did then he would recognize that the freedom of individual gun owners is dependent upon there being a free market offering for sale the types of firearms the individual wants.
I think he recognizes that freedom as being undesirable in his beliefs, therefore it must be destroyed.

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