Thursday, December 04, 2014

Tab clearing, starting with the Commissar running Austin PD

After the shooting in Austin last week, our dear police chief has come up with a plan to curb future shootings, namely … tell the cops about your friends or family members who love guns.  Especially if they ‘hate’ anyone. Uh, okay.
I've heard Austin described as Moscow, TX.  Apparently this slimy clown likes the KGB model of policing.
Ah, the new shoulder patch for Austin PD:

A: Comrade Mayor demonstrating how much he cares, but not doing a damn thing about any of the idiot laws behind the problems.
B: the attitude of the CoP as to how the commoners should behave:
At the same press conference, meanwhile, de Blasio's "agent of change," Bratton, insisted New York City residents "correct their behavior" when being approached by cops, explaining that that's what democracy was.
Really?  Hearing "Know your place, peasants!" from a shit-brained official is democracy?

Reporter needs to calm down around guns; maybe take lessons from the 10-year-old she's interviewing.

Oh, and to gun bigot Barrett, your they don’t have the physical strength and necessarily the coordination to handle very, very powerful weapons statement is obviously crap.  As demonstrated by the 10-year-old.  Go get your hysteria under control.

Yeah, it doesn't give much trust in your 'Gang rape in the fraternity!!!' story when we find out this:
Erdely admits she set out to find a sexual-assault story at an elite school like UVA. She looked at lots of other colleges first, but “none of those schools felt quite right” in the words of a Washington Post profile of Erdely. But UVA, which Erdely describes in Rolling Stone as a school without a thriving “radical feminist culture seeking to upend the patriarchy,” was just right. As Worth magazine editor Richard Bradley noted last week, the whole thing seems like an adventure in confirmation bias.

And on lighter note,

From the MHI files, some of them elves are nasty buggers

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