Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Voluntarily joining the .gov list is a bad idea

Especially in Mexico.
So civilians got ticked off at being collateral damage in the open warfare that Mexico has among Drug Cartels, managed to scramble some weapons and actually made a bit of difference . The Government came along and said “Hey, you can’t do that but I am here to help you if you register with us and be an “official member” of the Rural Police!” 

Apparently the love fest is over. May it be the Government or the Drug Cartels, the members of the Self Defense groups are being targeted.

Oath Keepers have been helping people guard their businesses.  Which for some reason ticked off the cops.  So the cops are claiming "You can't do security business without a license."
Uh, guys, they're volunteers helping people.  Which the authorities haven't been doing in too many cases.

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