Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Because faking rape threats is good, if you're a SJW (pic updated)

who was offended by something, and wants to push diversity.

Your weird variety of it, that is.

Your "Judge who should lose that black robe" for the day: New Britain Superior Court judge Stephen Frazzini
...ordered an injunction against the Connecticut Law Tribune barring it from publishing an article based on a public court document:
Frazzini's oral ruling is currently sealed, but Klau said he is working to have it unsealed. "I am actually under a restraining order about what I can tell my own client.
This is bullshit.  Utter and decayed bullshit.

Speaking of utter bullshit, lady has a page on Book of face called Communism Kills.  She passed on a limerick that is less than respectful of the deceased thug in Ferguson*, and the SJWs went apeshit.  Death threats, rape threats, arson threats, the works.  Over a friggin' limerick.
Because nothing says 'justice' like hoping for the rape and death of a woman and her mother over a friggin' limerick they didn't even write.
Pic update: we'll see if this one enlarges

*Yes, I know, calling him a thug is supposed to make you a racist too.


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