Friday, December 05, 2014

So the mess in NYEffingCity gets even more fun

There were two sergeants on the scene, neither of which seemed to do anything other than grace the mess with their presence.  And one was a black female.  AND both got immunity for testifying.  Wonderful.

From Ace:
Even ignoring the race of the sergeant, the mere fact that a superior officer (two of them, in fact) were on site and never told Pantaleo to release the hold strongly undermines claims that Pantaleo acted "recklessly." One could still make that case, but one has to now also claim that two supervising sergeants were on scene and neither one of them noticed this "reckless" behavior, either.
"You haven't paid the tax on these cigarettes!"
choked out.
"I don't think he's breathing..."
"Oh well, he should have paid the tax."

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Anonymous said...

To be entirely fair, the late Mr. Garner was no stranger to law enforcement, with 20+ prior arrests.

I suspect that time will reveal that he's just about as suitable a "martyr" as Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin.