Sunday, November 30, 2014

Write a book and make comments on a non-PC subject,

wind up having to sell your Nobel Prize.
James Watson, the world-famous biologist who was shunned by the scientific community after linking intelligence to race, said he is selling his Nobel Prize because he is short of money after being made a pariah.
Mind you, I'd think wanting to buy a painting would be a lesser concern, but at his age might well figure it's one last indulgence.

What?  The EPA is playing games and hiding data?
Anybody surprised?

The great thing about Obama’s TelePrompter is that when he stops reading from it, he slips up and tells the truth.

"You will give us money for a trip and your kids will do this, or we'll label them as 'racists' for the rest of their lives."
Sounds like a very appropriate time for tar and feathers.

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