Friday, December 05, 2014

Tab clearing

Why so many hold public schools and teachers in low regard: assholes like this still have jobs.

Why so many are holding universities in such low regard: wasteful arrogant fools like this being in charge.

What the HELL is that?

Ask Smiley his opinion on the black-on-black death count in Chicago.  Or do black deaths only count if killed by a white?

Speaking of, Glenn Beck did this the other day.  That's a lot of dead people that Smiley & Co. don't seem to bothered by.

"Yes, Obamacare is a fucking mess, we should've just taken TOTAL control of healthcare!"

So, does he just expect to get away with it, or does he not realize he's lying?

Yes, it is; think the EPA cares?  They know Obama will back them no matter what.


Phelps said...

The "What the hell is that" is a 23mm Russian AA gun that's been chopped down to be fired on the ground. Just like how the Germans turned FLAK-88s into AT guns, except without, you know, being good at it.

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