Thursday, December 04, 2014

"If you teabagger racist gun-nuts didn't insist that that 2nd Amendment actually means something,

then the cops would all become Officer Friendly again!  So this is all YOUR fault!"

Makes you wonder what color the sky is in his world.

Mr Williamson deals with that idiotic factually-challenged editorial in the Tallahassee Democrat.

Harshly.  Beginning with
It would help if you actually understood what you were talking about before opening your ignorant yap.

Yes, that idiot bill in Washington is as bad as feared.
So, now you have it. All those proponents of I-594 said we were alarmist and crazy for saying things like this would require a background check. Now we have word from the State of Washington that says, in essence, “You gun nuts were right about I-594 and the anti-gun people lied to get it passed.” But that is to be expected. Anti-Second Amendment people have long had a culture of deception.

Apparently being unaware that it requires a full modern factory to make guns and ammo and such, this guy makes a .577/.450 cartridge case from scratch.  And the projectile, too.
Primer and powder?  Videos and articles and books on making those, too, just look around.

Blowback's a bitch, isn't it?


Marja said...

Whee! As you know, I've been looking for that 'how to make ammo' information, so thanks!

Marja said...

And I did read Mr. Williamson's piece - either his target only knows what has been in the newspapers during the last decade or so, and so has never heard of Charles Whitman, or that part how he would be willing to let hunters keep their rifles because they are 'ineffective tools in a mass shooting' was misdirection, an effort to reassure hunters etc that he is not after them. Perhaps he just wants to get rid of handguns first, rifles and shotguns can be taken care of after that. Always a lot easier to proceed once the way has been opened.

Firehand said...

Yeah, it's pure 'divide and conquer'; make the Fudds feel safe while banning some things, then go after theirs too

Firehand said...

You asked something about 'roll your own ammo' info earlier, can you remind me what it was? I've lost track