Friday, August 01, 2014

The gift that keeps on giving

If by 'giving' you mean 'lies her face off, then her staffers threaten and belittle people who call her on it'.  Which fits right in with Sheila Jackson Lee's usual methods.

Hell of a Rep. you have there, Houston.

Bit more of the history of how being armed helped bring big changes in the civil rights picture.

Speaking of civil rights, the NYEffingTimes wants to screw with them.  In the name of 'safety'.  Including the "We did it with cars!" line, wanting fingerprint readers on your firearms, etc. ad Bullshit.  I like Lawdogs' response: "You want to handle firearms like cars?  You're a liar."

More on the gifts the illegal aliens are spreading around.  The kind nobody wants.
The Department of Homeland Security’s report on the facilities housing the recent flood of “unaccompanied alien children” (UAC) from Central America describes conditions where diseases such as tuberculosis (TB) and scabies are spreading, and staff are being exposed to human waste.

The report lists off the types of diseases that are becoming prevalent in the facilities and that are requiring treatment. They include “respiratory illnesses, chicken pox, tuberculosis, and scabies.” These diseases have also spread to several DHS employees working at the locations, the report states.
I find myself wondering: with all the illegals DHS has been shuttling around the country on public planes and buses, how many people out there have been exposed to all this crap(and who knows what else)?

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