Sunday, July 27, 2014

Clearing some tabs

Yeah, you spend enough time telling women who don't feel victimized they're victims, and telling them their fathers/brothers/husbands/sons are rapists just awaiting the chance, they're going to tell you you're full of shit.  And they'll be right.

'Pick a Spot' vs. 'Center of Mass'

The People's Republic of MA: where the cops ought to just start wearing STASI patches and get it over with.

Is ATF corrupt and biased?  Yes.  Next question.

They keep screwing with how they'll define 'terrorist' so they can add more people to the list.

I'm now going back outside, and if I don't start melting I'm going to do some stuff and take some more pictures for the next 'making' post.


Windy Wilson said...

Dissent is terrorism. At least unless and until a R occupies the Oval Office, at which time, miracle of miracles, it's patriotic again, and free speech is the most valued right of Americans again.

Pawpaw said...

Pick your shot, even if it's center mass. Aim small, miss small.