Monday, July 28, 2014

The Clintons must REALLY want to slide that knife

into Obama:
George W. Bush is very popular in Sub-Saharan Africa. Why? Because of the president emergency program for AIDS relief whether you agree or disagree with a lot of what else he did -- and I disagree with a lot of it -- I am proud to be an American when I go to Sub-Saharan Africa and people say, 'I want to thank President Bush and the United States for helping us fight HIV/AIDS.'

Sucks when you shove a law through and find out it doesn't say what you wanted it to, doesn't it?  And then people want to actually hold you to the letter of it.

Sums up the 'elites' nicely: "You peasants, YOU'RE the problem with this country!"
Yeah, it would be so much easier in their minds if their hand-picked commissars could just make laws without worrying about the commoners' opinions...

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