Thursday, July 31, 2014

Some odd information on rifle bullets

inside fifty yards.
What resulted from their investigation was a landmark discovery in terminal effectiveness science: Bullets – all bullets, not just .22 caliber ones – experience a period of very violent yaw and turbulence when they exit the muzzle, causing their angle of attack relative to their flight path – that is how “straight” the bullet is in flight – to vary wildly. Within 50m, they found, two bullets fired from the same gun, at essentially the same time, might impact a target at two completely different angles. A bullet impacting head on into gelatin would stay stable for much longer than one impacting at a high angle, and would deposit its energy much later. This explained the problems some users – but not others – were having with their weapons. In some instances, the FMJ projectiles would hit the target at a desirable high angle of attack, tumble and fragment within a short distance, and reliably stop the target, while in others, the same type of projectile would hit at a flat angle, and might not yaw for many inches.

Does the press ignore LE who support the 2nd Amendment?  Yes.

You may have read of the human ancestors with leopard fang holes in their skulls; seems the birds got into the act as well.  Ma Nature played no favorites for humans.

Looks like we not only need to fire and prosecute a bunch of IRS clowns, we need to take the noisy toys away from the others.
According to a government audit, IRS Agents ‘Accidentally’ Discharged Guns 11 Times between 2009 and 2011. Some of those weapons discharges resulted in property damage or personal injury, claimed the report. In fact, agents accidentally fired their guns more times than they did intentionally, said the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration.

Only surprise here is that some media is actually talking about it.
Any one of these revelations would be uncomfortable for the Democrats. But the steady stream of these incidents is proof that Democratic candidates on the ballot in 2014 are trying to hide their positions from the voters. Think about it. Democrats have resorted to concocted images and positions, because if they told the truth about what they thought, they would lose the support of many of the middle-of-the-road voters who tend to turn out in midterm elections. It is naïve to think otherwise. Democratic candidates can’t reveal themselves as the liberals they are, and they can’t admit they will conform to the dogmatic liberal establishment’s policies as soon as they arrive in Washington.

Ok, I get it especially sucks to have your luggage- including your shooting jacket- lost in circumstances like this, but  ...We tried to make a new one but she said that she would need two months to get used to it."
Really?  I don't have familiarity with these jackets, but couldn't even try with a new one? 


emdfl said...

IIRC shooting jackets are almost in the catagory of taylor-to-fit and then soak-in-water then put on and wait-for-it-to-dry. They are very tight and take a while to take a "set" of the person wearing/using it..

Pawpaw said...

re: bullet wobble. Yeah, it happens, the bullet has to transition from the nice, safe, barrel, through the crown, and gets shoved in the ass with hot gases. They wobble, then they settle down and fly.

Years ago, while working for my Uncle, I was shooting 105mm howitzers to the east, toward sundown. The angle of the light was such that if you stood behind the gun, you could see the projectile depart. Guess what? They all wobbled.

Anonymous said...

Can't remember where I ran across this 30+ years ago, but it was one of the now departed Ancient Experts, maybe Hatcher or Keith, but an in-print discussion of bullet yaw mentioned this. Seems someone noticed a 180 grain .30 cal bullet penetrated more wood at 200 yards than it did at 10 yards, and given the difference in velocity, that seemed backward.

The answer was yaw; a stabilized bullet hitting perfectly point-on will penetrate deeper than one yawing. There's apparently a formula somewhere on "time to stabilize" based on shape, BC, SD and twist rate, and "time", of course, means "distance" with moving bullets.

AM said...

The ISSF rules on air rifle shooting uniforms are very strict.

Suffice to say that any new jacket that she would have got would have had to gone through the official inspection, and then any modifications to that jacket after inspection would put her at risk for being disqualified for modifying equipment.

So a lost jacket is a very big deal in the air rifle world. Not so much in the High Power world where someone will loan you a Creedmoor hardback if you appoximate their size and it will work mostly fine.

Firehand said...

I learn stuff all the time. Thanks, folks. I knew a shooting jacket was an important thing, but had no idea how big a deal it was with air rifles.

And the wobble stuff. That too.

Firehand said...

AM: ref your predictions, #6, I remember reading once that a big factor in the Soviets not deciding to take the big step was that enough of the leadership had lived through WWII that they had a real good idea of what the aftermath of a nuclear war would be like. As you say, though, not enough of the people in charge most places have any real idea.

AM said...

Cultural amnesia is a bitch sometimes. "A short victorious war" is a horrible idea, except to a politician looking to sidetrack the public opinion polls back in his/her favor.