Tuesday, July 29, 2014

This abuser's spouse has suffered repeated violent attacks,

yet there has been no condemnation of this Senator's violence. Ironically, this Senator, who is one of the most controversial people in American public life today, has somehow escaped reproach for the one thing that both detractors and admirers should agree is genuinely inexcusable--domestic violence. 

Who is this perpetrator of domestic violence? New York Senator Hillary Clinton.
Wouldn't surprise me.  Dad once spoke with a federal LE guy who'd spent some time in the White House back then; said the Secret Service was sick of listening to the screaming and the crash of thrown objects.


blindshooter said...

I was squaded with a former secret service agent at a high power rifle match in the late 90's once, he told me she was a real b***h. Gave all the staff hell and used the service guys like doormats.

Toastrider said...

Which is why I found the accounts of 'Energizer' to be so hilarious. Evidently she is about as different from Hillary as night and day.

The Secret Service might not approve (and honestly I don't either), but I bet she's a lot easier on their nerves.