Friday, August 01, 2014

A problem solved

When I last spoke of  fitting the Lee measure to the Dillon 450, I was using a wrap of electrical tape to hold it in place.  Few days ago was talking to son about this, and he suggested maybe a wide muffler clamp?  Hmmm... put some rubber inside, maybe.  So down to a nearby auto parts place, where nothing suitable was found.

On the way back I pass a Lowe's, and the thought "Plumbing fitting?  Or garden hose?"  So in a browse around, which found a dishwasher drain connector: soft rubber, large on one end, small on the other, worth a try.

A little long on the ends, easy to trim.  The small end was a little small, used a sharp knife to shave out the inside until it was a tight fit over the knurled piece on the bottom of the measure
Use one of the hose clamps to snug the large end around the die body, and that's it.  The measure can't turn or wobble around, and all you have to do to remove it is loosen the clamp.

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Gerry N. said...

And things like that, chirruns, are why we win.

Gerry N.