Thursday, May 01, 2014

Well, isn't THIS interesting about Shannon Watts & Moms Want Action?

What a romantic notion.  Too bad it is 100% crap.  There is no way this group could have grown as fast as it did and garnered as much media attention as it did without a great deal of pre-planning,and a team of professional people working full time to make it happen.  This is Astroturf at its finest.
DAY THREE Monday Dec 17 The fifth comment on Shannon Watts first post ever is inviting people to join the Virginia Chapter. There is no prior mention of the formation of a group, no invitation to form a chapter, no information on how to form a chapter and yet there is now a Virginia Chapter of Moms Demand Action.   Below is a cut and paste of that first post and the 13 comments from thier facebook page.  Interesting to note, she or someone  is very active on the page for several days, yet does not seem to be answering questions other than “can I go if I am not a mom?”  There is no back and forth conversations.
And on and on.
For instance,
Less than a year after “forming” MDA was “Merged” with MAIG.   For a business that is a dream come true; a start up year of explosive growth and selling out to the thirteenth richest man in America for an undisclosed amount of money.  This is way too good to be true which means it probably isn’t..  Michael Bloomberg publicly  commits “extensive personal resources” to this organization.

Just who is Shannon Watts?
Oh, interesting stuff.

Toward the end:
To summarize;.  In less than 6 months Shannon Watts, became the head of large national gun control organization and a public figure.  Her“overnight”  fame was based on a very generic facebook page that could have been started by anyone and contained almost no relevant or original content. She became a national media presence within days of the shooting without any Journalist checking into her background to find out if she is who she says she is.  Her “organization” grew to an enormous size faster than is logistically  possible and yet she did all of it without even so much as magic elves helping her.  The fact that she spent many years helping corporations planning messaging and pr campaigns is a coincidence, and no one should be curious how her company is the only anti gun group to get “merged” with Michael Bloomberg’s anti gun group.  It also should not be questioned how much money changed hands in this transaction.

This is a long piece, well worth going through.

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