Sunday, April 27, 2014

Remember when DHS and FEMA said "You must have emergency supplies

in case of natural disaster or terrorist attack!"  And then a few months later DHS was telling LE that 'stockpiling' food, water, etc. was a suspicious activity that meant you were up to no good?
New York’s Division of Homeland Security is posting signs on businesses to encourage people to snitch on fellow citizens who buy such things as MRE’s (Meals Ready to Eat), ammunition, flash lights, match containers, gas masks and other items deemed to be ‘prepper’ in nature.


Phssthpok said...

There are times when a healthy level of paranoia can be a blessing. I personally have come to the conclusion that any time .Gov decides that something is 'good' and must engage in a propaganda blitz to convince people it is so, then I must take a step back and a GOOD HARD LOOK at the possible ulterior motives.

Following hurricane Sandy there was a hue and cry about FEMA dropping the ball and subsequently a media blitz on getting John and Jane Doe Family to put together 'emergency' bags. And in short order 'rumors' started trickling out from non-MSM sources about EO's/regulations/rules/what-have-you quietly being implemented allowing .Gov to seize any and all privately held supplies in an emergency situation/area.

How convenient for them...get you to spend your own money to prepare and store THEIR emergency supplies for them. And of course once they take 'their' supplies from you, you will be forced to rely upon 'daddy.Gov' for your survival.

Now...apply this 'paranoia' to all those 'feed the Pig' propaganda ads trying to get people to put more money into savings...and then recall the somewhat recent rumors of proposed rules to force retirement savings to be converted into .Gov investment vehicles (see: Nationalizing private savings ala Greece).

Keith said...

There's a big crunch coming, and the powers that be are getting very worried.

There are a lot of dollars held overseas, and the Chinese state investment of over $3 trillion in dollar bonds has much lower purchasing power than it did before all of the quantitative easing money printing diluted it.

The revolt at Bunkerville has just stopped a Chinese crony from getting hard assetts

If the chinese get too upset, those bonds will get sold, and the united state fe'ral government will loose its ability to borrow money.

There are several possibilities which could cause foreign governments to spend their dollar reserves (collapse of the petro dollar, a better alternative such as a chinese or german gold backed currency, or just cutting losses caused by the printing of so many more dollars

When those dollars find their way back home, there will be that many more bits of paper chasing the same number of goods - prices will shoot up as people try to preserve their assets by getting goods instead of keeping worthless paper that looses its purchasing power as every hour goes by.

If those happen, dot gov will not be able to issue its dole checks (or they won't be worth anything if it does issue them) or meet its wage bill.

The politicians, bureaucrats and cronies don't want to loose their grip on you, and their ability to keep milking you

If the dole checks bounce, the inner cities will go up in flames

If you have supplies, you will probably out last the government, you will have no reason to support them or go to their aid.

they are broke, they daren't tax you any harder, If they keep printing money, they risk hyper inflation at home and they risk de valuing the bonds they sold to the point that they get dumped on the market.

they're like a n'er do well who's maxed out on all of her cards and has the baliffs at the door - and she expects you to bail her out - because

incidentally, with FACTA, no foreign bank will do business with an American, only Eritrea and America tax their subjects where ever in the world they live or earn their money - you effectively have a Berlin Wall preventing you from getting your assets out of there, and it isn't about to get better.

I'm not sure whether PIIGS 'r' US? or 1980s Argentina is the better analogy for what's coming. America has worse debts than any of the PIIGS, and so has Britain.

I'm not trying to be smug, Britain is in almost as bad a condition. At least getting rid of Scotland will close one of the big drain holes.

Firehand said...

Interestingly, saw something earlier today about more people saving money and reducing spending, and the Obamites aren't happy; how can they talk about a wonderful recovery when people aren't spending enough?

The spending that IS happening, I'm thinking that on hard goods a lot of people are buying stuff because their savings are losing value to inflation, so 'Might as well buy the stuff now.'

Ah, Keith, you're always so damn cheerful. And quite likely right.