Monday, May 19, 2014

"Jews are the canary in the coal mine" Updated on campus 'rape' investigations

Can't remember where I first heard that, but it seems to be true.  Which means France and a bunch of other countries are in seriously deep shit.
I would have once found it unthinkable to imagine that, in the civilized world and in any year after 1945, Jews fleeing European nations in search of asylum from anti-Semitism would be understood as anything other than an ominous warning of the machinations such hatred can portend. And yet, here we are, and the signs are routinely unheralded.
Not completely, but mostly.  And that's from the people not actively trying to shut up any talk about it.  Especially since it's largely muslims responsible.
The author understood well that cultural Muslim aggression, not the French government, drove this fear among the Jewish community of which he spoke.  But in classic Times fashion, he declares that it is not the fault of any historical difference between Jews and Muslims, but a result of Muslim anger over American intervention in Iraq and the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  As if that, in any way, absolved them of the crimes of arson and violence.
Well, to the progs damn near ANYTHING will.
“Mindful of demographic realities and the strains of anti-Semitism in their country’s past, French officials are struggling to denounce acts of anti-Semitism without fueling racism toward France’s ethnic Arab-Muslim population,” the Times declares.
'Struggling to denounce'; really tells you all you need to know, doesn't it?

Now THIS has thrown a weasel in the higher-ed henhouse:
With so much attention focused on the alleged failures of many universities to forcefully prosecute male students accused of date rape and sexual assault, the problem of universities whose judicial proceedings are unfair to the accused, and/or are overzealous because of pressure from female students or otherwise, have been largely overlooked.

        But now a new judicial ruling gives those wrongly convicted a powerful new weapon - they can sue the university, the employees who participated in the proceedings, and even the accused herself in federal court for substantial monetary damages and other remedies, notes public interest law professor John Banzhaf, who was twice called a “radical feminist.”

What the hell THAT has to do with it I'm not sure, unless it's their way of saying "Hey, maybe there's actually something to this false-accusation stuff!"
I guarantee the Usual Suspects are crapping their pants over this; they want it to be 'She said, therefore he's guilty!' as the standard.  So far a lot of universities have been happy to oblige, but this is really going to screw with that; if someone can sue your ass off for railroading them, that's going to make the back up a bit.

Update: and it begins:
Earlier today in federal court in New York a Complaint was filed by a former Columbia student alleging that he was unfairly found to have committed a sexual assault based upon allegedly flimsy and inconsistent evidence, without due process protections. The Complaint is embedded at the bottom of this post.

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Gerry N. said...

RE: Railroading false rape charges.

It is my sincere hope that a metric carload of young men are made extrmemely wealthy by suing persons and institiutions who have railroaded them on false rape charges.

I'd love to see some lawyers, colleges and college employees and not a few young women who "inadvertantly" woke up naked next to a stanger seeking new homes under birdge abutments and under tarps in briar patches.