Monday, May 19, 2014

Is there anybody who didn't see this coming?

An alert reader emailed TTAG central with news that Armatix GmbH - makers of the iP1 “smart gun” – filed a patent application that included a remote kill switch for the firearm. Click here to view patent EP 1936572 A1, dated 2006. (Not a bug; a feature!) I’m not a patent attorney or an electrical engineer, but as far as I can tell this is the bit (translated from the original German) that indicates remote disabling . . .
One of the things we specifically warned of, and they were working on it eight years ago.

But don't worry, it'll be very secure, chances of someone hacking in or the .gov using it to turn off your guns is very low.  So they'll say.

According to New York, four guns and 184 assorted cartridges = ARSENAL!  And the cops say
“It was enough to arm a small army or militia,” a police source said of the bust. “These guys were ready for war.”
At that point the reporterjournalist should've laughed at them. Except he probably believes it.

Obama's pick for surgeon general is in trouble, and the NRA is being blamed for paying attention.  Or something.
But the decision also reflected Reid’s view that MAIG and other gun control organizations failed to meet his request to provide political cover Democrats needed to take tough votes on Murthy, the Senate leadership aide said.

“The NRA treats every fight like it's Gettysburg, and that's why they win,” the staffer added. “Wish our side did the same.”

Maybe that's because we know what you're up to.

After all, the Surgeon General has no power over guns or any policy area. The job is to act as the nation’s top health spokesman.
Except this is a doctor who's loudly and repeatedly called 'gun violence' a public health matter as noted earlier in the article:
Murthy’s nomination came under fire in late February by the National Rifle Association. The NRA attacked him for leading a group, Doctors for America, which cited medical grounds for backing an assault weapons and steps like mandatory training for gun buyers.
We're supposed to believe he wouldn't use that bully pulpit to push this?

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