Thursday, May 22, 2014

Isn't it amazing how that works? Let a company know you'd like it to die,

and it decides to start moving somewhere that doesn't.
Gov. Howler, last I heard, in insisting "Remington isn't going anywhere", but here's a facility and batch of jobs that has.  No doubt more to come.  And about damn time.

Good reason to end the War on Drugs: oathbreaking, vicious, arrogant bastards like these will be out of jobs.  Until they join up with their spiritual brothers in the cartels, at least.

Not even getting to the physical abuse and abuse of authority, this tells you a lot:
The DEA eventually did get a warrant for Branson’s house. It was issued at approximately 11:58am, well after agents had entered the premises.
I repeat: oathbreaking vicious  arrogant bastards.  If this agency actually gave a rats ass about that Constitution it swears to protect, they'd already be out on their ass.

Also, the judge should have that black robe ripped off, and be horsewhipped out of that courtroom- and any other- forever.

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