Saturday, May 24, 2014

Also over in (fG)Britain, free speech and assembly is 'too expensive'

At least when it's the 'wrong' group doing it.
Far-right groups should be banned from staging protests because each one costs up to half a million pounds to police, a senior officer has said.

South Yorkshire Chief Constable, David Crompton, said the money could be better spent on other issues and he urged the Government to make more funds available or consider changing the law.
Gee, I wonder who'd get to decide who's 'far-right'?  And what the criteria might be?
He told the Yorkshire Post: “Either somebody changes the law so that it's less easy to do this or alternatively there are some funds available that we can tap into.

“As it stands, we have a lot of power over marches but we don't have in any way the same control over assemblies.”
Nice little statist bastard, isn't he?

But worry not, the Home Office is on the case!
A Home Office spokesman said: "Peaceful protest is a vital part of a democratic society, provided it is conducted within the law. 

 “But protesters' rights need to be balanced with the rights of others to go about their business without fear of intimidation or serious disruption to the community.
I wonder if these clowns have said this about any of the demonstrations by the Religion of Peace types? 
Oops, I just committed Hate Speech(over there, anyway)!

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